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Gdańsk, Targ Drzewny 12/14, Poland

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Rodzaj pokoju

01.01.19 – 31.03.19 01.04.19 – 30.04.19 01.05.179- 30.06.19 01.07.19 – 31.08.19 01.09.178- 31.12.18
W tygodniu W weekendy W tygodniu W weekendy W tygodniu W weekendy W tygodniu W weekendy W tygodniu W weekendy
Łóżko w pokoju wieloosobowym 50 PLN 55 PLN 50 PLN 55 PLN 55 PLN 60 PLN 70 PLN 75 PLN 55 PLN 60 PLN
Łóżko w pokoju wieloosobowym z łazienką i tuby (219, 208) 58 PLN 65 PLN 60 PLN 65 PLN 60 PLN 65 PLN 75 PLN 80 PLN 60 PLN 65 PLN
2- osobowy bez łazienki (104, 220) 150 PLN 185 PLN 160 PLN 190 PLN 180 PLN 200 PLN 200 PLN 220 PLN 180 PLN 200 PLN
2- osobowy DeLuxe 108 180 PLN 220 PLN 180 PLN 220 PLN 210 PLN 240 PLM 230 PLN 250 PLN 210 PLN 240 PLN
4- osobowy DeLuxe 109 320 PLN 360 PLN 320 PLN 360 PLN 340 PLN 380 PLN 350 PLN 400 PLN 340 PLN 380 PLN

* special season – special events ,festivals, concerts, New Year’s Eve, Holidays etc.
* room prices can vary according to availability of the rooms or occupancy.

For organised groups: prices are set individually according to season, lenght of the stay or size of the group..

In house regulations

  1. Check in time 03:00 p.m., check out time 12:00 a.m. on the following day (you can arrive earlier after contacting us). The hostel may refuse to check-in a guest without any reason. Hostel take deposit 50pln for card key (will be given back during the check out).
  2. Guests are obligate to overlay the beddings. Coverlet cleaning fee 200 pln. Sleeping bags are not allowed.
  3. During the check out, every guest have to give back to the receptionist all keys, cards (lockers, room) – after that he will get the deposit.
  4. It is forbidden to let rooms to other persons, even though the staying period, for which payment has been regulated, has not finished.
  5. People cannot share one dorm bed.
  6. Giving the room keys is after check in procedures and after payment.
  7. Quiet in the hostel is obligatory from 10:00 p.m. to 06:00 a.m. on the following day. Persons visiting the hostel guests, i.e. persons not checked-in to the hostel, may stay in a hostel room to 10.30 pm having reported this fact to the hostel receptionist. Guests are taking all responsibility for the visitors. Visitors staying at the hostel after that time gonna be charged for one night – price will depense of the room rate.
  8. The bahaviour of guests and other persons making avail of the hostel’s services should not disturb the peaceful stay of other guests. The hostel may refuse to render any further services (end their stay before the reservation finishes) to a person who infringes that principle, breaks hostel rules or standards of behaviour are not met. In cases such as this no money will be refunded to the guests.
  9. For reasons of fire safety, the use of electric heaters and similar items of room equipment is forbidden.
  10. Do not smoke inside the building! Smoke outdoor please! For breaking this rule Hostel charge fee 500 pln.
  11. Animals are not allowed!
  12. After check out please return the keys to the reception. For lost keys (rooms and lockers) Hostel charge 50 pln each.
  13. A hostel guest is materially responsible for all and any damage or destruction of items of the hostel’s equipment.
  14. Guests can make a complain in reception if they are not satisfied with services that hostel provide. Refert date of complain – 72h.
  15. Hostel guest should inform the hostel reception immediately after they have noticed that damage has occurred.
  16. It’s not allowed to move furniture in guests rooms.
  17. In no case the hostel is responsible for any personal articles brought by guests to their room.
  18. Articles of personal property which may be left in the hostel room by a departing guest the hostel will store for a period of 1 month.
  19. Our guests are kindly requested to keep the rooms clean , particularly bathrooms and kitchens – collective parts of the hostel. Guests have to uphold the anti-fire safety laws and general safety rules.
  20. We are not liable for any failure or delay in performance and its effects if such is caused by conditions beyond our control including.
  21. We do not refund any money after payment.

We wish you a pleasant stay at our Hostel and we hope that you will visit us again.

3 City Hostel management